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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 12, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> all right, go ahead and open it. >> a little boy cries tears of joy at something most kids take for granted. >> all he wanted was a bed of his own. >> the inspiring story of how he and mom went from homeless to a beautiful home. talk about making you grateful for what you have. >> um-hum. there are plenty of underwater animal rescues, but, you've never seen one like this. find out what's lurking beneath that icy pond. oh, shoot! >> the dash cam shows a driver -- >> with nowhere to go. >> the outrage, when an insurance company sees it differently. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web.
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and she lost her wisdom teeth and now this. >> why are you crying? >> but see why the only one more confused an alley is her boyfriend. >> we need to see somebody propose in that state. >> oh no. >> since home is where the heart is i can reassure you this boy's heart got that much big per. >> as big as his smile? that thing is huge >> this 8-year-old and his mother jana have a unique story. his mother is a training nurse and lost her job and with that she also lost their home. so they've been living in and out of homeless shelters for quite some time, while most kids around christmastime are asking for toys, and material goods, all he wanted was a bed of his own. >> kids shouldn't have to ask for that. >> they got state funded housing but the home was funnished with
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air mattresses and two camping chairs, where this organization, humble design came in. >> did what? >> funnished the home. the family social worker reached out to the organization and this is how jana and her son brought in the new year. he's smiling from ear to ear. they lead him to the kitchen and dining room. >> they furnished the whole thing. they paid attention to detail, salt and pepper shakers. >> place mats, plates. >> they tell him to close his eyes. he places his hands over his eyes. >> oh boy. >> is that his room? >> that's his room. >> he's staring right at the bed, isn't he? >> yes. >> oh! >> child tears are happening. >> the tears continue to flow as he takes a look at the bed. >> talk about making you grateful for what you have. >> um-hum. we have several other pictures of the way humble design designed their home. >> very pretty. >> as the video ends, jana
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continues to console her son and he's falling apart. >> so glad you like it. >> he doesn't see what's coming next, though. in a few days mom's going to be screaming from across the house, "clean up your room!" >> he proudly proclaims that he was the man of the house. >> darned right he is. pretty sad to say we have seen a ton of animal rescues from frozen ponds, frozen rivers, but i guarantee you never seen one like this. ♪ this dude is wading out. the top of the water is frozen, making his way toward where he thinks the animal that needs rescuing this. the clue being this teeny tiny hole. he's assuming that's wherever it is fell in, a vole or rabbit or teeny tiny. we take the camera underneath the water and it reveals what this guy is here to catch.
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oh, hello. >> oh, shoot! alligators that have been sticking their nose through the ice. make sure they have some air. >> in this case we're colorado gators and she escaped the warm pond, got herself into the cold pond and now they have to go to the cold pond to physically remove an alligator to take it back to where she should be. so now physically he manhandles this gator out of the water. >> i'm really glad they knew what was in there instead of being surprised, thinking they were going to find a dog and it was a big gator. >> oh! actually, they were all too aware as to what was in the water and they know exactly what they're doing at colorado gators. eventually they throw a rope out, once they've got it around the neck, like a leash, they're able to get that gator over to the edge over to the warm pond and they assure us all they have to do now is try to create a fence of some kind so she doesn't try it again. >> good luck with that. i'm going to set this crash
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video up by telling you that the insurance company determined that our driver with the dash cam failed to maintain a safe distance. you tell me what you think. this driver is in a lane with no one in front of him, and then the suv to the right starts swerving, gets in the lane of our driver, crashes against the guardrail, and basically leaves this guy with nowhere to go. >> i think the insurance company needs to watch the video. >> yes, because he had nothing but space and distance. i no he what it is. the insurance adjuster is his new cousin. he's like, you're not at fault. anybody looking at that knows. >> i have a simple explanation. it's an insurance company. this is why we have dash cams so that we can show the video and go see, what do you want me to do? in this case even faced with evidence they're putting it the other way. >> no word on whether the insurance company ever got to see this video because in many instances, the fault falls on the person driving the car that ends up hitting the other vehicle. in this case obviously there was
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nowhere else for this guy to go. over to russia. >> a tank. >> that is a tank, my friends, because a man who i'm just going to say was very thirsty that night, showed up to this store, and when the store was closed, decided to take this big tank, crash through the store. >> such a peculiar sight, but also so very russian. >> what was he drinking? he had to be out of his mind. whatever it was, he needed it asap. >> the guy made it into the store, found himself what he thought was a delicious bottle of wine, and when he was on his way out he was caught by authorities. and they do say, you'll be shocked to hear, he was intoxicated. >> he was tanked. dogs get you every time, because they give you that look. they give you that look and you give them a snack, but when they give you that look and then you do this, that's rilo. rilo lives in tucson with meghan figueroa. >> thank you, buddy help with the groceries.
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>> my goodness, it helps bring the groceries in? >> only the bags with his snacks in it. if he also unpacks it and puts it in the frinl that is the grategrat e greatest dog ever. >> rilo gets a belly rub, extra bacon strips. >> so helpful. >> then there's max. max loves getting his own stick to fetch. >> it's not a stick. that's a tree, gayle. >> don't tell him that. >> i want to see him try to get that through the front door. >> oh, dogs. >> he'll have a stick for the rest of the year. a man with a parachute plans to take a leap of faith. >> the theory is once he jumps, the canopy will flip rightside up. >> see if the journey goes down smoothly or gets twisted. >> down he goes. he starts falling. and dude styes to handcuff himself to his lady. >> and then he's going to throw
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talk about a leap of faith. this guy in russia is on a balcony. he is attached to a parachute. the theory is that, once he jumps, the canopy will flip right side up over him, and he will glide safely down. >> is the building on fire? because that's the only reason i could see why a guy would do this from this height. >> i think his mind's on fire, with ideas like this. he opens it up ass dangling there just enough where he's feeling pretty strong. no lines are crossed, tangled. looks pretty good. >> some lines are being crossed right now. >> all the lines are being crossed. >> he's figured it out. he's done the math, he's feeling pretty good. he's going to jump. and wouldn't you believe -- >> he landed like a second and a half. like it inflated, he was about three feet off the ground. >> granted, he didn't have much time to glide but the canopy
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opened just with enough time. >> he got lucky. now over to this next video. we are at what looks like a key resort. there is a ramp right in front of us. there is aa snowboarder about to come in and take that jump quite nicely, followed by his peer. yeah. >> what happened then, just lose traction as you approach the ramp? >> i can't tell. >> i feel bad for that guy because that other guy had done such a good job right before him. >> that's going to cost him a hip. they like to handcuff themselves to their friends, their girl friends. no surprise thomas has decided to do the same. he's going to handcuff himself to his girlfriend. >> does she know? >> surprise! >> and then he's going to throw
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away the key and reorder the same pair online so he can use that key to unlock the handcuffs that have him and his girlfriend. he realizes there's a latch on the handcuffs and decides to fix that himself. >> yeah, because some come with a little like lever. >> this is becoming a very interesting discussion. >> it's time. >> what? >> that's fine. if you're going to do this against my will, you're going to do everything i need to do. >> there are some things he didn't think about when he decided to pull this little shenanigan. >> what are you doing? >> too hot. >> how do you think this is gonna work now? good luck with that. >> first off, it's going to be a little bit hard for them to get dressed and undressed and then you notice thomas has a beard and needs to shave, but he forgot his razor. the girlfriend has one of these hair removal patches, go for it. >> oh, don't do that. >> you're not supposed to use it
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on your face. >> argh! >> but the show must go on. they head out. >> that didn't work. >> so simple things are a lot harder to do, like eat and drink. here, he can't go into her restroom, yet he maneuvers his way under the door, makes it happen. back to the shaving thing. >> i need a shower now. >> a shower? >> i've got foam everywhere. >> it does make it hard to shower and do little things that we don't really pay attention to. >> ooh, look how red his wrist is. >> she's kind of getting him back as well. cooking proves to be quite a task and now it's bedtime. thomas has had it. i've seen the thing in the movies they take a pin and ma tu neuver the handcuffs. this is a good exercise to learn about your spouse because you kind of do everything together but not together like this. and once he's had enough he's like forget it. i can't wait for the new set to
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come. he runs downstairs into his workshop. >> i got us into this, i'm going to get us out. >> and he frees. that didn't last as long as they expected it to but they tried it. i'm trying a card trick. >> no! >> how'd you figure that out? >> see the magic, next "right this minute." and still to come -- [ speaking in foreign language ] >> something in the canal needs a little help. >> it's a tiger. >> what? how rescuer s macguyver a solution. how they team up to make strange but wonderful pictures. see the amazing snaps when they take their act to the streets of new york. >> oh, yes. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a
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canine. >> a big cat. >> it is a big cat. it's a tying piger. the tiger fell in that canal. the tiger disappeared from the sanctuary in 2016. this isn't the first time they spotted it since but they know where it is, jaichan was chasing a wild boar and check how they got him out. >> the sides are slippery, he can't get out. >> they used old bits of carpeting and a ladder and put it down so the tiger is like, i don't need that, and when it tried to crawl up the wall, it slid back down. >> no, bro, you do need it. >> they put the bits of extra carpeting down and the tiger ran up the ladder and then disappeared off into the brush. >> how weird. >> not exactly weird for them. they said this has happened 50 times. what's really cool about this rescue is they said this was the first time they did not have to
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tranquilize the animal to get them out. this one just got out on its own. >> lucky they came along, man. check this video out. this animal is a snow leopard. it is on the endangered list. what is really cool about it they got video of it in an area where they had not been previously seen in the sichuan province of china. those animals they're called blue sheep but they're goat antelope and that is their food source. then you hear whistling. that whistling is from a danger who is alerting the sheep to like, hey, you might want to get out of the way but i'm thinking that's a snow leopard. circle of life. it's endangered. let it have one meal. >> the animals don't agree with you. this is cool for a couple of reasons. first it gives you a pretty good peek behind the scenes what goes into a cool thing and also it's cool.
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jordan the photographer is teaming up with performers to make strange but wonderful pictures. in this case they're in a coffee area, coffee shop and practicing and seeing what they can get away with so they can do this. >> oh, yes. >> have they heard of photo shop? >> they have but that's cheating. this is so much better and gets more complex once they get out into the streets of new york city. >> we get one shot at this. there's police everywhere, right? >> they are continuing what we're doing, just going to cross the street but going to cross it in a pretty unique way. >> oh, wow. that is impressive. they're balanced, their strong, in control. >> they probably only get one shot at this next. >> the biggest challenge in the next one surprisingly is finding books. >> anybody have a book? do people read books anymore? >> trying to get a perfectly timed photo. two people are facing each other with their books but then it's like suddenly a cheerleading competition so they can get this
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picture. >> nice. >> but the piece de resistance, we get to grand central station. >> this is nuts. this is nuts. >> whoa. so they're practicing the moves they're going to go for but while they're practicing, they attract the attention of -- >> the popo. >> now that he attracted the attention of the authorities he comes up with a very common solution when you're shooting in public. >> what we have to do here is distract her long enough to get this shot since he's already told us not to do it. >> what was the purpose of this shoot? >> pretty pictures. >> that's good enough for me. >> this one is pretty spectacular, holding her up, her legs are curve around. look at the stupefaction on this little kid's face. >> cool. >> but it all came together all in one day, fantastically talented people, talented photographer and great pictures as a result. alley's wisdom teeth are
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gone but she's missing something else. >> your ring? what ring? >> not just any ring, her eng e engagement ring. >> why her post i like this organic mac and cheese. and i like this organic mac and cheese.
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award-winning organic mac and cheese from aldi. in the u.s. as well. now you know where we got it from. this is a scene no stranger to the show. the moment a patient wakes up from having had their wisdom teeth removed which means only one thing. >> they have no wisdom. >> none whatsoever. although maybe, maybe this girl is on to something. >> oh, her ring? >> not just any ripping, her engainingment rint ring. >> are you engaged? you are, to who? who? me? >> well, that's news to her boyfriend. >> oh? >> who is there in the room asking these questions and he's like, you're engaged? >> ally, why are you crying?
2:57 pm
>> yes. well wouldn't you react the same way if your wedding ring was missing? >> absolutely. though now i'm feeling like he's certainly been put under the spotlight to provide one. >> and that is what makes videos like this juken video internet gold. >> it's not so much proposition, it's a demand. >> she needs to make sure that guy standing there is in fact her boyfriend, when he confirms that he is, is she going to like him? >> is she happy? >> yes, i'm your boyfriend. >> yeah. well she said boyfriend at the end so she's coming down. earlier she was engaged but now she's saying boyfriend, not fiance. he dodged a bullet on this one. >> that brings us to the end of this episode. make sure you tune in next time for more.
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>> ♪ >> quick accuweather alert. as the powerful storm system continues to impact our weather 3-d shows this is pretty broad. we've been dealing with some very heavy rain and because of it, a flood advisory has been posted for most of philadelphia county, also southern bucks county until 4:30. minor flooding. we have had a lot of ponding of water on roads. there was a mudslide on the schuylkill expressway. that's all from rain earlier. zoomed in, this is the area we're seeing the steady rain right now, jackson mills, lakewood seaside heights and this continues to ride up to the north but there's more rain on the way. as far as the rainfall amounts really depends on where you are. mount pocono reporting an inch and a quarter, about the same for philadelphia. wilmington about an inch, trenton three-quarters of an inch millville less than a quarter inch. this is what to expect tonight. periods of rain, some of it
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will be heavy at times. minor street flooding and again, poor drainage areas we will see some flooding through this evening and then heading into tomorrow, we have a big change on the way. temperatures right now extremely warm. ahead of this storm system we've got a strong flow out of the southeast. 64 degrees in philadelphia. i think we'll be setting some record highs. in allentown, in reading in the poconos. but west of this arctic boundary temperatures slip into the 20's and teens, even below zero. that cold air is rushing in tomorrow and how quickly the cold air moves in before the moisture moves out, basically will determine if we see any icing. there is a potential for some freezing rain across our far northwestern counties, lancaster, berks county, the lehigh valley, the poconos, so a winter weather advisory has been posted from 1 o'clock saturday morning until 10 o'clock. roads could get icy here very quickly. do be careful and then wind chills in the teens for the eagles game. i'll have a full report on
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"action news" beginning at 4:00. i'm meteorologist, cecily tynan. >> ♪ just want you to be okay. ♪ you know what, i'm going to advise you not to sign that quite yet. this has gone on long enough. as your attorney, i would be remiss if we didn't talk about the important issue, which is the custody of danny morgan. diane: there is no issue with regard to the custody of danny. jason is danny's father, both legally and biologically. however, jason isn't the father that danny knows -- drew is. ♪


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